Weekly Kickstarter Round Up: Wednesday 10th June

10 June 2020
What may you have missed this week?

It's been a busy week, with a whole load of new Kickstarters. We've brought you a small collection that you might like the look of. 


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Merchants of the Dark Road

Some games just belong in a Kickstarter roundup, and this is one of them. Highly anticipated and excitedly received Merchants of the Dark Road from Elf Creek Games is a thematic strategy game. You’ll play as a merchant travelling the dangerous path in the dark season, in this game for 1-4 players

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $49 (About £39)

When does it end? Saturday, June 27 2020

Where is it? Become a brave trader on this perilous route over on its Kickstarter page


DIE in the Dungeon


The heroes shouldn’t get all of the glory, what about those hard-fighting monsters in the dungeon? Die in the Dungeon flips the Dungeon Crawler by having you play as the dungeon dweller, where you’ll need to get past the humans to get yourself out of the dungeon! The tiles to make up your dungeon are randomised, and so every game can be totally different.


Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? CA$54 (About £32), though you can get a print and play version for about £6

When does it end? Tuesday, June 23 2020

Where is it? If you think you won’t DIE in the dungeon, you can pledge on Kickstarter


Super High School RPG


This one is a narrative RPG, specifically aimed at teenagers and involving them in an RPG, and focussing on superhero values that can be communicated such as effort, empathy, helping others, and taking responsibility. You’ll need to consider protecting citizens over defeating the villain, lest you become seen as the villain yourself,


Is it funded? No, it’s about 28% funded currently

What’s the pledge to get a copy? €25 (About £23) for a softcover, but about £7 for a digital edition

When does it end? Thursday July 9 2020

Where is it? If school, but super, takes your fancy, it’s over to the Super High School RPG page to pledge


Chrono Conflict


A first to Kickstarter for this independent game business, this is the fight of the Chronoguard, to save those whom the Time Travelling Extremists The Architects are trying to assassinate – people of high historical influence, who shaped the time stream. It’s a card game featuring some historical favourites, consisting of a single short series of events.

Is it funded? No, it’s at 16.5% of its goal so far

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £23

When does it end? Thursday July 23 2020

Where is it? Don’t be late! See its Kickstarter here.


Tales of BarBEARia

This is a game that refers to bears as ‘Cute, but Stabby!’. This is a new game (though standalone) in the BarBEARian Battlegrounds range. This one adds an adventure phase, but you’ll need to secretly plan your move, reveal your strategy, gather your spoils, and build your Bear Empire!

Is it funded? No, it’s at 16.5% of its goal so far

What’s the pledge to get a copy? $42 (about £32)

When does it end? Thursday July 23 2020

Where is it? Put your BEARst foot forward and pledge for this one on Kickstarter


And now for something completely different (kind of)


 Goodtime Games - A Board Games Café in Manchester, UK


It may not be a Tabletop in itself, but we love places we can go to, to surround ourselves with fellow Tabletop Gamers, and this is a board game café in West Didsbury that’s almost (but not quite!) ready to go. They’re looking for some additional funding to help with finishing touches, rent, and hiring a part time staff member. It’s a tough time for brick and mortar at the minute, and we'd love for places like this to be a comfy space for us when it's safe, so it’s worth checking out!

Is it funded? No, it’s at 30% of its goal

What’s the pledge to get a copy? Well, there’s no copy, but you can get a vegan bubble waffle for £10, or a membership for 12 months for £25

When does it end? Friday July 3 2020

Where is it? Check these guys out over on Kickstarter!


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