Weekly Kickstarter Round Up: May 13th 2020

13 May 2020
Experienced Kickstarter FOMO? Here's some you may have missed

Card games, RPG, roll and writes, there's a little something for everyone in this weeks round-up. 




If you’re looking for fast-paced games, there’s the epic showdown offered by Gunfighter. Playable in 10-15 minutes, this is a card game where you’ll simultaneously select your action card at the same time as your opponent. You’ll need to outwit them to survive, and to win!



Current Status: Funded

Pledge for the game: $20 (Approximately £17)

Kickstarter Ends On: Wednesday, June 3rd 2020


If you can hear the western music in your head – you know the tune – you can back it on Kickstarter

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Masters of Charms


Masters of Charms looks like a light-hearted fun and easy to play game, playing as a travelling gnome collecting gemstones to make and sell magical charms. You’ll need to hop through portals, harvest your gems, and them sell for gold. You’ll need to consider the best use of your portals (and those left by others!) you’ll need to use your best strategy to win.



Current Status: 39% funded

Pledge for the game: $29 (approximately £24)

Kickstarter Ends On: Tuesday June 9th 2020


Who hasn’t wanted to play as a gnome?



HEL: The Last Saga


This game was one that cropped up as one to watch for 2020 Kickstarters, and now it’s here! As a Viking survival horror game, you’ll explore and solve the mysteries of a hostile island in a cooperative game. You’ll lead a bunch of heroes to survive and to solve the mystery of the missing colony that came before it.

Current Status: Pledged

Pledge for the game: $129 (Approximately £106)

Kickstarter Ends On: Tuesday May 26th 2020


Back this epic Viking game over on Kickstarter


Shadows of Esteren RPG: Dark Romanticism


Shadows of Esteren’s core book turns eight years old, whilst its plans to celebrate were hindered by the closure of a number of conventions, it has turned to Kickstarter for all its glory! In it, you can purchase the art book, a digital collection, and additional prints. If you’re a fan, it’s worth a look.



Current Status: Funded.

Pledge for the game: $20 for the digital artbook (approximately £17)

Kickstarter Ends On: Tuesday, June 2nd 2020


Back this gothic RPG celebration on Kickstarter


Railroad Ink Challenge

From Railroad Ink, comes Railroad Ink Challenge, a quick to play roll and write game. You’ll need to draw routes to connect exits around the board, but must avoid any open connections. You’ll need to plan your venture, but consider the areas, structures, and more, with configurations dictated by dice.



Current Status: Funded

Pledge for the game: €18 (Approximately £16)

Kickstarter Ends On: Wednesday June 3rd 2020


Get rolling and networking by pledging for it here.




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