Warriors of Waterdeep is Dungeons & Dragons’ next adventure on mobile

14 February 2018
warriors-waterdeep-45721.png Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of Waterdeep
Free-to-play app includes grid-based combat, adventure paths and loot boxes

Dungeons & Dragons is getting a new mobile game that looks like it will put a new spin on the storied RPG’s adventuring and combat.

Warriors of Waterdeep is due out this spring for iOS and Android, and blends a choose-your-own-path style of storytelling with turn-based strategy on a grid as a party of adventurers does battle with various monsters.

The trailer for the free-to-play app shows off some of the basic gameplay, revealing a light narrative structure where players can pick between options to guide their group to certain encounters during a variety of missions from lord of Waterdeep Larael Silverhand.

If they run into creatures, the game switches to a combat mode with the chance to pop off spells and abilities from the roleplaying game. Players can pick from a dozen classes and nine races, embodied by pre-made characters.

The characters can be customised with equipment gained from loot boxes, acquired by finishing chapters or levelling up – or investing some real cash, presumably.

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The chests include random packs of cards that can then be combined into more powerful versions, or can be traded for alternatives. Yawning Portal owner Durnan is in charge of the shop, fans will be happy to hear.

Warriors joins the digital port of board game Lords of Waterdeep and rulebook viewer D&D Reader as the only Dungeons & Dragons offerings currently available on mobile, although official iOS and Android versions of companion app D&D Beyond are said to be in the works.


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