Warhammer: Age of Sigmar's biggest update yet brings new rules, models and story updates this summer

15 May 2018
AoSStartHere-May12-Image8wg-80434.jpg Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
Existing armies will be compatible, with core rules available for free

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, the rebooted version of the classic fantasy miniatures game that Games Workshop launched in 2015, is being updated with a new edition.

Little surprise given Age of Sigmar is only three years old, the edition due out this June is more of a refinement to the game than a complete overhaul, working to tweak existing rules rather than replace or remove them.

That said, Games Workshop describes the upcoming version as “the most comprehensive look at the core rules since the first General’s Handbook”, with the studio focusing on making the game “faster, cleaner and more fun to play” based on feedback from the community.

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Among the various additions and improvements to the core rules is an expanded hero phase and the introduction of a new command points system, plus a double turn that’s said to offer room for more strategic play.

The new Age of Sigmar also pushes the Warhammer universe forward with the new chapter in the Mortal Realms, propelled by the addition of realm-specific lore and “lots and lots” of regional maps in the core rulebook – apparently one of the most-requested additions by fans.

Although the update will also bring with it new models for every grand alliance, existing armies and Battletomes will continue to be compatible with the new edition, with slight changes to rules for some units and updates to some allegiance abilities.

Core rules and unit Warscrolls will be available to download for free online and via the game’s companion app without having to splash out on the new books, although a new General’s Handbook will be released alongside the rules changes this June.


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