Warcradle Studios Announce Flash Gordon based Card Game

11 August 2020
“I like to play with things a while…. before annihilation!”

We're seeing the 40 year anniversary of the classic space opera film Flash Gordon, and in and amongst this are Warcradle Studios, who have in partnership with King Features Syndicate, celebrated particularly by announcing a brand new card game based on the 1980's cult classic.

The game, entitled "Flash Gordon: Death to Ming!" is a two-player card game, which will include iconic characters and notorious villains, players will pick between good and evil characters, and go head to head to determine the fate of Mongo. You'll be building your deck based on your character, and this will dictate the cards available to you. 

You'll be immersed in their world, with high-resolution images straight from the film itself. 

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We've seen some great things from Warcradle in the past, including Mythos (the cover for issue 43 of our magazine, you can grab that here!), Lost World Exodus, and even glimpses of Bill and Ted's Riff in Time Board Game.

Plus, we've seen games inspired by Flash Gordon before, including the Flash Gordon RPG. We did a feature on that back in issue 19, or you can even keep an eye out for it in our new Game Masters Guides.

There's not tons additional information about Flash Gordon: Death to Ming just yet, but the release is scheduled for early 2021, and will certainly be great fun for fans of the film. 



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