Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020 Main Stage Schedule Announced

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22 September 2020
It's all happening this weekend

Join us on the main stage this weekend – right here. We're taking over the front page of with a new video every hour.


This is just a small slice of what we have going up over the weekend, but will be front and centre of our celebrations. Make sure you take the time to check out all our exhibitors and content creators over the weekend – as there's simply so much to see.


Once a video has gone live you'll be able to see it online through to Monday morning, but once the show is over, it's gone. So turn up with weekend to see some of the best curated content the gaming community has to offer.


We’re using the hashtags #ttgl2020 and #virtualttgl2020 to talk about the show on social media, so get out there and shout about your favourites as they go live.


VTTGL 2020 Main Stage Schedule – Saturday


9:00 – Ellie Dix: Family Gaming Tips

10:00 – Big Potato: Herd Mentality

11:00 – 2019 Highlight: Ian Livingstone – Life is a Game

12:00 – Syrinscape: The Power of Sound

13:00 – Keymaster Games: How to Art Like PARKS

14:00 – Onyx Path: The Came From Beyond The Grave

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15:00 – Wossy on Pokemon: Being The Very Best

16:00 – Building It Up: A Building Game Panel 

17:00 – Making Monster With Mike Mason

18:00 – How We Roll "Live": On The Night Bus


VTTGL 2020 Main Stage Schedule – Sunday


9:00 – Weta Workshop: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party

10:00 – Christian Lemay: The Importance of Intent in game design

11:00 – 2019 Highlight: The Best of The Best Games Ever

12:00 – Making Neverland with Andrew Kolb

13:00 – Pentamind: The Ultimate Mind Sports Championship – a Mindsport Olympiad Documentary

14:00 – Loke Battlemats: All About RPG Encounters

15:00 – Dino Talk with Pandasaurus

16:00 – KeyForge: The Crucible Cast

17:00 – Chris Perkins on Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frost Maiden

18:00 – Tabletop Gaming Magazine Awards... Sort Of

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Looks good :)

Posted by Jeremy Spiller on Fri 25 Sep 16:12:43