Villagers: Shifting Season Heads to Kickstarter

30 June 2021
The Must-Play Game Gets an Exciting Expansion

Villagers, from publisher Sinister Fish Games and designer & illustrator Haakon Hoel Gaarder, is back on Kickstarter right now with an expansion and reprint.

A huge hit on Kickstarter back in 2018, Villagers was nominated for Best Card Game in the Golden Geek Awards in 2019. It’s simple to learn, making it a good gateway game, but its depth & variety keep players coming back for more.

The game itself is a bright & breezy affair where players draft from a changing pool of beautifully illustrated villager cards with the aim of building the most prosperous village by the end of the game. With its lovable cast of characters, many paths to victory, ease of teaching, and great production values, Villagers has become a firm favourite on gaming tables around the world.

Villagers: Shifting Seasons is an expansion that adds more of what players love about Villagers, plus some new surprises. It offers wider variety and more scoring opportunities, and increases game length by one round on average, giving players more time to create the perfect village. Additional rules are kept to a minimum, with everything easily integrating with the base game and previous expansion.

The campaign also offers reprints of all previous content for Villagers, including the must-have 2018 Kickstarter expansion pack, an awesome set of wooden coins, a deluxe playmat, and a brand new set of custom Villagers card sleeves. 

Check out the Kickstarter here!

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You can also join Charlie in taking a look at Villagers, and what difference the expansions made to the game in the below video:




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