Villagers and Streets Follow-up Moon Announced

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08 March 2022
Plus a dungeon Eurogame from the creators of Terramara (and some of the team behind Golem)
Sinister Fish announce the newest instalment in oblong-boxed games from the studio – in this case, Moon. From the same designer of Must-Play rated games Villagers and Streets, Haakon Gaarder.
Moon is a card-based game reminiscent of Villagers, but this time, on the moon. We’ve gone intergalactic. This time players will be making the most of their cards to build up a space station along two different upgrade paths.
Moon uses a pick-and-pass mechanic to send Moon delivery trucks around the various space bases at the table. Players aim to build up their bases to get the most points. There’s also some wooden space-truck meeples. These can be used to activate the various cards around the table – even at other players’ bases.
The game will be coming to Kickstarter, and will be playable at Airecon and UK Games Expo. The Kickstarter will go live at UKGE.
The company also announced future retail releases (a first for the usually-kickstarter-driven publisher) in the form of Great Scott (designed by Dave Clarke, this is a second printing), Goose on the Loose (a family game with hobby game mechanisms).
Goose on the Loose is an interesting family entry from the usually hobby focused publisher. This game includes a number of punch-out geese which require various different resources and uses a “layering” mechanism (i.e. pouring them all out on top of each other).
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