Video rental store Blockbuster lives on in a nostalgic movie trivia board game packed in a VHS case

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28 January 2019
Blockbuster-game-71837.JPG Blockbuster: The Game
Time to rewind
Video rental store Blockbuster lives on in a nostalgic movie trivia board game packed in a VHS case Images

Blockbuster is being celebrated in a new board game, five years after the iconic video rental chain went bust.

Blockbuster: The Game is a movie trivia game that pays ample homage to the company’s heyday renting videotapes in the 1990s, with the question cards resembling cassette tapes and the entire game coming packed inside a plastic VHS case.

The board itself takes the form of a Blockbuster car park, with a 3D sign in the middle proudly displaying the brand’s recognisable yellow-and-blue logo – something that seems to have little bearing on the gameplay, but sure looks neat.

The 20-minute game begins with a head-to-head challenge as players name movies in a number of different categories – movies with ghosts, for example, or famous trilogies – until one player runs out of answers. In the middle of the players is a buzzer that bounces the time pressure back and forth. The winner gets to choose which three of six cards they keep in the second round.

Then it’s onto a charades-inspired round as players from each team act out movies on the cards in a race to collect one card from each of several genres, including action, drama and sci-fi and fantasy.

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The answers are all a similarly nostalgic affair, running the gamut of nineties gems and older classics such as Fight Club, Men in Black and Die Hard.

Behind the game is Obama Llama, Bucket of Doom and The Chameleon studio Big Potato, making it the first of two licensed games coming out from the London-based party game team – the other is a Disney version of its colour-answering quiz Colourbrain.

Blockbuster: The Game will be out this July*, when you'll be able to pick it up for £15 in the UK.

*UPDATE: Big Potato has clarified that Blockbuster: The Game will actually see a UK release in June, following a US launch in March.


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