Video game deckbuilder Hand of Fate is becoming a real-life card game

01 November 2016
ss_5135fbc830d7f5805e3eba22c958d4d4c668ef2f.1920x1080-14556.jpg Hand of Fate mixes deckbuilding mechanics with elements of RPGs and third-person action combat
Burger Up publisher Rule & Make to create physical version of Defiant Development’s PC and console title

Virtual deckbuilding game Hand of Fate is making the jump to the physical space.

The computer game’s developer Defiant Development has teamed up with tabletop publisher Rule & Make, who previously released Burger Up, Rise to Power and Entropy, among others.

The tabletop version will reportedly be based on both the original game and its upcoming sequel. In the game – which is currently on sale on Steam – players square up against the evil Dealer, building up a powerful deck of cards to battle with the forces of darkness. The card game aspects are mixed with third-person combat and RPG customisation.

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Hand of Fate has sold more than two million copies across PC, PS4 and Xbox One since it launched last February. Hand of Fate 2 is currently scheduled for release in early 2017.

“Being based so close to the Defiant offices is only going to help the development process and ensure they are as involved as possible,” said Rule & Make’s head of production, Alistair Kearney – both companies are based in Queensland, Australia. “We’re confident this will mean the end result will be an excellent representation of the HoF universe, bringing the vision of both companies to life.

“To be able to see the digital game come to life in physical form, and take advantage of what physical games can offer over the digital medium.”


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