Victrix shows off final sculpts for upcoming Gallic miniatures

17 January 2017
16002840_938677209601507_2515454746651654198_n-79661.jpg Gallic infantry
Unarmoured infantry complete, with armoured warriors, naked fanatics and cavalry on the way

Victrix has posted images of its upcoming line of Gauls and confirmed the production status of the Roman Empire’s legendary opponents.

The pictures were put up on the Victrix Facebook page, along with the news that the unarmoured infantry shown had been finalised.

Currently still being sculpted are command figured and helmeted heads for the army, with armoured warriors, naked fanatics and cavalry planned for the future, with no specific release period provided.

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In total, Victrix has said there will be 48 Gallic infantry figures available, including seven sprues of six figures and two command-specific sprues, including the chieftain, musician and standard bearer. Additional equipment, such as daggers and javelins, will be included.

Bolstering the forces will be 24 naked fanatics, plus 24 warriors clad in chainmail – all of the sets are cross-compatible.

Victrix also revealed that tooling on its Roman figures had begun and was “well underway”, but will not be finalised until February.


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