Very, very good board game Twilight Struggle is very, very cheap on PC and mobile at the moment

02 May 2018
ss_71817299fc12c592fb7966a70c6c9003d2b36e85.1920x1080-98940.jpg Twilight Struggle (PC)
Cold War classic slashes price on Steam, iOS and Android

Twilight Struggle needs no introduction: the intense two-player strategy game of US and USSR rivalry during the Cold War has become a certified modern classic since it released in 2005, including spending a good number of years as the overall highest-ranked game on BoardGameGeek.

Still, if you somehow haven’t played it yet (or you’re just looking for more ways to enjoy it), now’s a great time to check it out, as the game’s digital version has slashed its price on PC and mobile.

It’s just £3.62 on PC via Steam at the moment, down by two-thirds from the regular price of £11.

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It also happens to be on sale on the Google Play store for Android devices, reduced from £8 to £2.59, while iPad and iPhone users can nab it through the iOS App Store for £4.

You can pick up the game’s mini-expansion Turn Zero for £4, which adds a bunch of alternate starting scenarios, as well as extra cards, an alternate space race track and card art from the collector’s edition of the board game.

While it might not have quite the same appeal as the physical game, the digital edition of Twilight Struggle is a very good adaptation indeed, with a newcomer-friendly tutorial, support for local and online multiplayer – both asynchronous and real-time – and various other enhanced features.

At the time of writing, Steam says the sale will end in just over seven hours, so get moving!


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