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01 October 2018
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Heirs to the Future is an RPG designed around
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Uplifts: Heirs to the Future is an RPG designed around helping new players get into role playing games by focusing on fundamentals of what an RPG should be: fast, easy to learn, and encouraging to have fun with friends. The system is built around fast combat in a modern setting and challenging space combat. It's all about beast-people messing with weird stuff! The first rule of gaming: Have fun!

In the world of Uplifts there are many fantastic settings and rivalries.  The most normal world is Eo, a world most like our own with nations, feuds, and all the intrigue you'd expect from a modern planet.  Eo is watched, however, by a mighty space civilization called Logos whose people are so accustomed to space that they learn space travel before they can walk. Between Eo and Logos is Pao, a savage world hosting phenomenal power. Each place is full of fodder for you to make your campaign.  

With each location comes its own challenges. Unique skills, items, and combatants’ challenges characters who can be masters of the realm one day and out of their depth the next.

Uplifts uses a system called the 3stat system. It uses only three numbers to derive all details of a character. These three stats contribute to a character no matter how big or little they are. There is no 'dump stat’ that players must avoid, it also means that characters can be made in minutes.

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The 3stat system is a “d100” system which has proven to be the most accurate dice rule in modern gaming. The true strength of this system is that it is denominated which means you can change the kind of dice to fit your fancy or even use no dice at all.  D6’s? D20’s? We break down the core principles of the system so you can play it your way.

We here at First Rule Publishing know that tabletop gaming is more than just dice and scribbling, it's a social activity and one that helps many adjust and renew themselves from anxieties they face in


Gaming can disappear if we let it.  We made our first RPG as best we could and as cheap as we could so that everyone could enjoy it. We want many people to help other people discover the uplifting experiences that happens when you and your friends tell a story.

  • 195 pages
  • 30 unique species
  • 150+ items
  • Complete creature guide with freaks, geeks, and creeps


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