Upcoming gaming convention plans to turn Bristol into The City of Games

08 November 2017
houses-2532766_1920-89708.jpg Bristol
Three-day event taking place next February

A new tabletop convention has been announced for Bristol, with plans to turn the British city into a gaming hub next year.

The City of Games is being organised by the team behind board game The City of Kings, including lead designer Frank West, with the help of local gaming studios Area 51, Puzzlair and Chance & Counters.

The event will run over three days from Friday February 9th to Sunday 11th in the city centre’s Future Inns hotel and include the chance to play some games and meet with designers.

There’ll also be a 24-hour board game jam, with small groups racing to create a game from scratch in a single day before presenting their efforts to a panel of judges. Other attractions include escape rooms, social games, mega games and tournaments.

West and co-founder Sara Jorge have launched a Kickstarter for the event, through which tickets are being sold. It’s already passed its modest £3,000 target and will run until the beginning of December. A single day ticket is a tenner, with £15 gaining you access for the whole weekend.

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The aim is for the show to be family-friendly, with one option of the Kickstarter allowing backers to donate their ticket to local school children.

The campaign outlines the ambition to turn The City of Games into an annual calendar fixture, with the inaugural event having apparently been in the works for almost two years.


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