Ultra Pro to republish capture the flag board game Flag Dash

08 December 2016
pic3189171-00963.jpg Flag Dash
New version of title originally released by PieceKeeper Games will include improved components

Accessories firm Ultra Pro has continued to bolster its move into full board game publishing by acquiring the rights to Flag Dash.

Designed by Kirk Dennison and originally released by PieceKeeper Games, Flag Dash is a card-driven deduction game that follows a group of uniquely-talented adults as they play the childhood game of capture the flag.

Two to four players secretly plot their moves and utilise the powers of characters such as the Wannabe Ninja, Modern Cowboy and Crazy Cat Lady, attempting to outwit their rivals to nab the flag and return it to their home base over the 30-minute match.

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Ultra Pro’s re-release of Flag Dash is due in March, and will include improved wooden components and a refreshed box. A price hasn’t been confirmed.

The news follows Ultra Pro’s announcement that it is working on a board game adaptation of upcoming sci-fi film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, as well as its past acquisitions of Playroom Entertainment, Jolly Roger Games and deckbuilding title Ascension.


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