Ultimate Werewolf designer announces new werewolf-themed card game series Silver

17 May 2019
silver-11811.jpg Silver (left) and Silver Bullet (right)
Lycan barely wait

One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Werewords creator Ted Alspach has revealed a new series of card games that continue the designer’s love of lycanthropy.

Silver is both the name of the upcoming series and its first instalment, a card game due out this September that once again sees a village overrun by wolf-people.

Unlike the collective werewolf purging of Ultimate Werewolf, this time around each player has their own village represented by five facedown villager cards on the table. Like the diverse effects of One Night’s characters, each citizen has a unique ability – and a certain appeal to werewolves.

The players take a look at two of their cards before choosing either to boot them out of the village and replace them or use their abilities, from swapping cards with neighbouring players to safeguarding other cards.

In an echo of One Night, there’s a vote before all players’ cards are revealed – if the player that called for the vote has fewer werewolves than their neighbours, everyone else scores the value of their cards, while a wrong guess means the incorrect player gets the points – the lowest total after four rounds wins. 

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Silver will be followed by the second game in the series, Silver Bullet. Silver Bullet is both a standalone game and an expansion for Silver, doubling the number of resident cards and adding more abilities. The games can be combined in a number of ways, with the cards of each value able to be mixed freely.

Both games also come with a neat physical gimmick: a metal ‘silver’ amulet in Silver and a ‘silver’ bullet token in Silver Bullet that grant protection against werewolves and the chance to shoot a suspected werewolf, respectively.

Silver Bullet will be released this autumn ahead of Essen Spiel in October, with more games in the Silver series planned for release in 2020.


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