UK Games Expo reveals new-look artwork as countdown hits 100 days to go

22 February 2017
1200x1200-Days-to-Go-Posts-38126.jpg The new UK Games Expo artwork
Birmingham show takes place from June 2nd to 4th

The hosts of the UK Games Expo have unveiled a new look for the British tabletop convention as the calendar hits just 100 days to go until the show.

The new image celebrates the diversity of the Birmingham-based event, showing references to RPGs, board games, miniature titles, sci-fi, historical, fantasy, meeples, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000 and more.

It also captures the family-friendly tone of the weekender, centred around a family playing in the embrace of a dragon.

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Entry tickets for 2017’s fair can be found over on the UK Games Expo site.

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