UK Games Expo 2016 - Rhyme: The Rap Challenge

09 June 2016
IMG_2510-53235.JPG Rhyme
It's a rap battle in this new party game from Mechanical Egg Games

One of the beauties of the UK Games Expo are the undiscovered gems dotted all around the hall. One such gem was Rhyme: The Rap Challenge by Adonis Mechanikos from Mechanical Egg Games, which is a party game all about being the best rapper possible.

In Rhyme: The Rap Challenge players are aspiring rappers competing to find out who can create the best rap song. In order to do that, players have four rounds in which they must write four verses – one in each round. As this is a rap song the four bars in each verse must rhyme.

Each round players must draw three cards from one, two, or three of the different categories in front of them and choose one word from each card, making three words in total. They have to use those words in order to create their verse in three minutes.

The real fun begins after the first round because players have to choose three new words from different categories on each successive round and use them to create their second, third and fourth verses while trying to keep a thematic cohesion with the first verse – they are writing a song after all.

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This is easier said than done as the categories do not match between them e.g. pirates, purse, body, house, football, fairy tales, farm and more, so things get easily out of hand. What's more, you'll get more points by trying to rhyme more difficult words... let's just hope that 'orange' isn't in there.


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