Two Rooms and a Boom’s first expansion is the Lovecraftian ‘Necroboomicon’

06 December 2016
65ecfb88-1f7e-40ab-8d34-8e32a6319924-34321.png Necroboomicon is 'Two Rooms on hard mode'
Second edition of large-scale party game launched with all Kickstarter stretch goals, improved card quality and upgraded leader cards included

Two Rooms and a Boom, the social deduction party game that plays out on a massive scale, is back with a, erm, bang.

If you’re unfamiliar with Two Rooms, here’s a quick refresher: six to 30 players (that’s right, you can play with pretty much everyone you know at once) are divided equally between two rooms in real life. Each player is either on the red team or the blue team, and one member of each faction is secretly the bomber or president, respectively. Over five rounds, people can be swapped between the rooms. If the president and bomber end up in the same room at the end of the last round, the red team wins – otherwise it’s a blue victory.

The game has established itself as a solid favourite since it appeared in 2013 thanks to its support for large groups, fast 15-minute playing time and easy-to-learn mechanics – a print and play version is readily available. It’s currently just inside the Top 40 in BoardGameGeek’s party game rankings.

It’s lucky that the PNP edition is easy to come by, as the actual boxed game has become a rarity since release, disappearing quickly on Amazon. Now, publisher Tuesday Knight Games has announced that it has released the second edition of Two Rooms and a Boom, which introduces a number of fixes and tweaks, as well as better card quality and upgraded leader cards, plus all of the game’s Kickstarter stretch goals. The box includes a rulebook, character guide, two oversized leader cards, 17 basic character cards and an impressive 93 advanced character cards.

It’s worth noting that ,for the moment, the game is only back in stock on Amazon US, which ships to the UK – it remains unavailable on Amazon’s UK site, but we hope to hear of a restock soon.

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Tuesday Knight Game has also revealed the first boxed expansion for Two Rooms, a Lovecraftian addition with the playful title Necroboomicon – clearly playing on the horror author’s iconic book of the dead, the Necronomicon.

The add-on will bring nine new cards to the game which will ‘change your entire Two Rooms experience’, according to Tuesday Knight.

Though further details remain a secret at the moment, the publisher hinted that “Necroboomicon is Two Rooms and a Boom on HARD MODE”.

As with the original game, Necroboomicon will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which is ‘coming soon’. Until then, you should be able to finally pick up a copy of the base game to start practising.


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