Two Flavours of Robot Games from XYZ Game Labs

24 October 2019
Build robots, smash robots

XYZ Games offers us two versions of their Kickstarted Robotlab game form last year. One, which you might describe as vanilla, is the Robotlab from the Kickstarter, the other is Borderlands flavoured – Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party.

The latter is for those who like their robots to be a little more post-apocalyptic.

In both games you draw cards to build up your robot and play card to make your opponent’s robot fail. It’s a race to build your robot the fastest, with the owner of the first completed robot proclaimed the winner.

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In the Borderlands version, the game comes with a special code to be redeemed in Gearbox Software’s newest release, Borderlands 3 - which might help you make up your mind as to which version you want to pick up.

For those looking for the family friendly version, with less dented parts and rust, then Robotlab will be right up your street.


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