Today's the Day! Many FLGS Prepare to Open Following Easing of Lockdown

12 April 2021
The excitement is real

England has been in national Lockdown since early January, with all non-essential shops having closed in an attempt to restrict the potential spread of Coronavirus. This included FLGS, with many turning to game delivery or click and collect in order to continue trading during the restrictions. 

However, April 12th 2021 marks the first day that non-essential stores can re-open, allowing us to return to our favourite FLGS. Though of course restrictions such as mandatory mask wearing, hand sanitisation, and two meter distancing remain in place, the first hurdle has been achieved, and you can now visit your local store. Though agreeably it may be some time before we can get a board on the tabletop to physically play together, we can certainly pop in for a new game and chat to like-minded people, gaining recommendations, stories, future plans, and all the loveliness that comes with having a local store. 

Check-in directly with your local for their opening times and schedule, as well as changes made to make the stores more COVID-safe, but be sure to pop in when you safely can, to keep the community and the hobby alive in your local area. 

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Not able to get to a FLGS at the moment? Help out anyway by offering some social media positivity! Drop them an encouraging tweet, share a post, upload some old photos of it, anything - it's been a tough few months, and it's finally looking like there may be light at the end. 

As an example, Cakes & Ladders is reopening tomorrow! You can read our Shop Spotlight feature on them by clicking here, be sure to enjoy the sunshine with them when you can. 




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