TMNT: Shadows of the Past is being followed by two new separate board games based on the comics

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06 December 2018
tmnt-2019-67975.jpg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Change is Constant and City Fall
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Two new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles board games have been announced as the follow-ups to Kevin Wilson’s heroes in a half-shell adventure Shadows of the Past.

TMNT: Change is Constant and TMNT: City Fall are the first two volumes in a new series of adventure games following the storyline of publisher IDW’s separate comic series. Wilson is said to be once again leading the design of both games.

The games function as both expansions to and a sort of reboot of Shadows of the Past, which IDW is said to be unable to reproduce in the same format, essentially taking the game out of print.

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Both boxes will include new missions and characters, as well as original missions, but can be used to play Shadows of the Past missions with the new components. Each mission is between half an hour and two hours long, with 16 in each set.

The games can be played in either a full co-op ‘arcade mode’ against an AI opponent or with one player taking on the role of the villains, and can be tackled standalone or as a connected story: Change is Constant follows the first two arcs of the comic universe, while City Fall continues the plot with the tale of one turtle’s experience with the Foot clan.

The games will also feature new artwork – including turning the environments to night from Shadows of the Past’s daytime – and include over 40 miniatures in total, with five different heroes in each box. Characters coming across from Shadows of the Past will feature new sculpts and have new gameplay aspects in the new games.

Both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, Change is Constant and City Fall, will be Kickstarted in January.


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