TMNT HeroClix set stock shortage announced following shipping firm bankruptcy

16 September 2016
001_Raphael_HiresRender__43237.1469477695.1280.1280-10264.png The Heroes in a Half Shell Gravity Feed set is the only one of Wizkids' products affected
85 ships belonging to Hanjin are unable to unload cargo, including Wizkids’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Heroes in a Half Shell Gravity Feed

If you plan to pick up Wizkids’ next add-on to its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix series of miniatures next month, you might be in for a spot of trouble.

The company announced that the upcoming Heroes in a Half Shell Gravity Feed set would suffer from initial stock shortages as a result of its shipping partner, Hanjin, filing for bankruptcy.

According to Wizkids, around 85 of Hanjin’s ships are unable to dock due to the firm being unable to pay port fees, meaning that cargo on the ships cannot be unloaded and sent to retailers.

Wizkids confirmed that its only product affected by the difficulties is the TMNT HeroClix set, and added that it would launch the expansion as planned without the missing container of stock.

All pre-orders will be filled and the majority of stock has been successfully delivered, but the set may remain hard to find for its initial release period.

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Other games manufacturers have also been hit by the Hanjin news, whether they use the firm’s services or not.

North Star Games issued an update to the backers of Evolution: Climate on Kickstarter saying that Hanjin’s bankruptcy was causing global shipping delays.

Meanwhile, the creators of fellow crowdfunding success Secret Hitler said that Hanjin’s troubles had caused the price of air freight from China to “skyrocket” to a level they had never seen before, making it more difficult to export games from the country to the US.


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