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24 May 2023
Choo-choose your routes wisely!

Nene Valley Railway in partnership with Tabletop Gaming magazine is to host to an evening of board games on one of their heritage steam trains.
Working with Tabletop Gaming, a monthly print magazine all about board games, Nene Valley Railway are hosting an evening of board games on a train on 10 June 2023.
Gamers and train enthusiasts are invited to come along for a two-hour trip on the rails, departing from Wansford station at 6.45pm on Saturday 10th June 2023. Guests are asked to arrive between 6pm and 6.15pm ready for boarding.
“There’s a great history of board games about trains, and what better way to enjoy that, than on a historical train?” says Christopher John Eggett, the outgoing editor of Tabletop Gaming magazine, “for gamers it’s a chance to play classics like Ticket To Ride on a train – possibly the greatest ambience for a game about classic rail travel. And for those looking for a family event that mixes their hobbies with a novel evening out – then it’s got wide appeal.”

Tickets for the trip are selling fast, and there’s a number of seat options available. These range from private compartments that can seat six (£199), to pre-booking tables of four (£99, saving on individual tickets), right down to individual tickets (£35 for adults, £14.50 for children) – for those who want to ride the train and maybe make some new friends along the way.


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For those who would like to buy a copy of Ticket To Ride for the event, there’s an option to pre-order and receive the game ahead of the event.
While the evening is pitched as a ‘Play Ticket to Ride on a Train’ event, ticketholders are invited to bring any game they wish (that can reasonably fit on the table). In the same vein, guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink to the event.
“With board games like Ticket to Ride rising in popularity with families everywhere and the inherent romance of steam trains, this event crosses the generational divide,” says Claire Ingram, publisher of Tabletop Gaming magazine, “and this is one of the reasons we’ve left the food and drink options open. Every group, whether that’s a family  going for an evening out or just a few friends getting together for an amusing setting to play games, can make it their own.”

Those interested in attending the event can buy tickets and the game, here.



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