This light-up holo billboard will turn your sci-fi wargame a bit Blade Runner

18 May 2017
Holo-Billboard-Bench-unit-81638.jpg Battle Kiwi's Holo Billboard Bench set
Acrylic insert can be swapped for custom signs and lit up by green, blue and red LED lighting

Charmingly-named New Zealand wargaming accessory firm Battle Kiwi has launched a new light-up piece of terrain that aims to bring some of the neon-drenched cinematic lighting of Blade Runner and Tron to sci-fi battlefields.

The Holo Billboard Bench set is a 28/32mm-scale feature that provides a slot for an acrylic sign to be inserted (one of two choices come with the set) and illuminated by blue, green or red LED lighting, powered by three AAA batteries.

The base is made from 3mm MDF and comes pre-primed with peel-off ‘stay shiny’ masking for future painting.

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There’s room for 25mm bases to sit on the area around the sign, while benches bookend the piece at each end.

The kit costs NZD$38.50 (£20) but is currently on sale at NZD$29.99 (£16) during a pre-launch promotion dubbed ‘Kiwistarter’.

The set is due for full release on June 7th.


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