These two jigsaw puzzles stand out from the crowd and here’s why - SPONSORED POST

02 June 2021
If you’re looking for something that’s totally out of the ordinary, here are two of the coolest puzzles you’ll find in the market.
These two jigsaw puzzles stand out from the crowd and here’s why - SPONSORED POST Images

Cloudberries redefines 3D with its anaglyph puzzles SPACE and DINOSAURS, which use a stereoscopic effect to make the images pop out and come to life! By anaglyph puzzles we mean the same technique used for 3D movies where coloured filters are used to make the pictures seem life-like. Bonus: These jigsaws come with TWO nerdy 3D glasses in every box!

SPACE is all about the vast wonders of the extraterrestrial – its giant asteroids, burning hot planets and stars, and of course the vast expanse of the blue and black outer space! Piecing together this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle will make you feel like an astronaut who’s just purely awestruck by all this wonder!

While SPACE offers that futuristic vibe, DINOSAURS might be a better fit for history and paleontology lovers. Featuring the prehistoric era of gigantic beasts and jaw-dropping creatures, this jigsaw is sure to take your breath away! See how each piece fits to put together majestic images of a pterodactyl, triceratops, and even the classic tyrannosaurus rex! Surely nothing beats a mirage of boiling rivers, falling heaps of lava rocks, and rampaging dinosaurs for another awesome 500-piece 3D jigsaw!

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What’s not to like? Not only are these jigsaws tons of fun to solve, but they’re nice for wall décor too. The designs were created by artist Brad Albright who also specialises in 3D anaglyph art. What’s even more impressive is how Cloudberries integrates an environmental advocacy in their work. By purchasing a puzzle, customers help the planet because the brand plants a tree for every jigsaw sold. They also use FSC-certified recycled board and paper for their puzzles and make them in Europe to the highest possible standards. The pieces are lined with a textured matt finish for premium-quality and a stress-free puzzling experience.

The brand’s commitment to both quality and sustainability is just impressive. There is simply every reason to be part of their amazing community of puzzle nerds who love awesome jigsaws and caring for the planet. If you are in search of puzzles that really make their mark in the history of jigsaws, this is what you’re looking for. It’s perfect for adults, kids, and everyone else in between so it makes the best gift for anyone. Make sure you don’t miss out on SPACE and DINOSAURS, which are probably Cloudberries’ coolest puzzles yet!


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