These gorgeous T-shirts are the best board games clothing we’ve seen yet

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09 May 2017
e43a9a1adb238db97db4cd4b118b9605_original-82262.jpg Jellybean shirts
Illustrated by ex-Disney artist Tania Walker, the three design celebrate worker placement, cats and Catan, and, well, everything

One of the easiest ways to show off your love for something is by wearing a T-shirt with it on. Yet, despite tabletop gaming only going up and up in popularity, it’s still rare to see clothing with board games on compared to, say, music bands, films, TV shows or video games.

What’s worse, when you do find a board game T-shirt, it’s often a cheap top with a hastily-printed design that simply follows the format of another hundred variations – don’t even get us started on ‘Keep Calm and Play Board Games’.

Here to save the day is Tania Walker, the former Disney illustrator whose name you may recall from the beautiful card game The Lady and the Tiger put out by Jellybean Games.

Walker and Jellybean are collaborating once again on three gaming-themed shirts that all feature custom drawings by the talented artist.

The Meeple’s Republic applies the distinct red hues and bold look of communist propaganda posters to the humble wooden token, adding the tongue-in-cheek tagline ‘Seize the means of placement’ for all you combined worker placement and Trotsky fans out there.

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The Settlers of Cat mixes Klaus Teuber’s modern classic with the internet bait of a fluffy feline taking the box as its new home, scattering the hex tiles about and covering the package to simply read ‘CAT’.

If you’re not into Catan or worker placement, Shirt: The Game is bound to have something up your street, cramming dozens of icons representing various games – we spotted references to King of Tokyo, Codenames, Hive, Race for the Galaxy and more – onto a black top.

The shirts are $24 (£19) each on Kickstarter, with a bundle of all three saving a bit of cash at $57 (£44), while two of each can be had for $99 (£77). Postage to the UK is $10 (£8) for a single shirt or $15 (£12) for two or more.

Somewhat amusingly, if you pledge $499 (£386), Walker will create a custom variant of the Settlers of Cat shirt starring your own pet – although how the wordplay will work if you own a guinea pig remains to be seen.

A fourth shirt design is a stretch goal at $25,000 (£19,340), five times the starting $5,000 (£3,868) target, with tank tops, tote bags and colour variants also in the line to be unlocked.

The shirts are planned to arrive before Christmas, and the campaign will end on June 9th.

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