There’s no Escape from the new big box edition of Curse of the Temple

28 April 2017
1500x1500_cba6af956962e0aae513e985948356747710096aa618155b7714798e-62663.jpg Escape: Curse of the Temple Big Box 2nd Edition
Escape: Zombie City also returning in an upscaled release this June

You lift the treasure from its pedestal, carefully replacing it with a bag of sand to mimic the weight and stop the pressure-sensitive switch triggering – like you saw happen in that old movie that one time. The bag sits comfortably, the switch unmoved. But wait! A rumbling begins to vibrate through your legs, turning them to fleshy jelly. Something is coming. It’s rolling this way. You begin to run, turning back to catch a glimpse. Headed this way is the new edition of Escape: Curse of the Temple, flipping from angular edge to angular edge as it continues its unstoppable path to release.

Poor Indiana Jones homage aside, Escape: Curse of the Temple is returning in a new big box edition that will include the original co-operative race against time alongside a healthy selection of its expansions. The game original received a big box release in 2014, including six add-ons.

For those yet to venture into the game, Escape involves player rolling dice to try and make it out of a collapsing temple before the included soundtrack CD that serves as a musical timer ends.

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The second edition big box of Curse of the Temple will include the Illusions, Quest, Traps, The Pit, Doomed, The Foundation, Quest Chambers, The Maze, New Characters, The Maya Calendar, Exchange Chamber and Teleporter Chamber, Totem Chamber and Cursed Gems packs – which, as far as we’re aware, is every expansion released for the 2012 game to date.

The collection will come in at $100 in the US, and will be joined by a similarly-priced mega pack for 2014 sequel Escape: Zombie City, including its four expansions: The Survivor Chronicles and the three Queenie sets.

Both games will be out at the end of June and were originally funded on Kickstarter last May.


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