The Walking Dead: All Out War sequel March to War turns the miniatures game from survival to supremacy

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28 March 2019
walking-dead-march-to-war-75094.jpg The Walking Dead: March to War
Hard Grimes

The Walking Dead miniatures wargame All Out War is getting a follow-up game focused on the conflict between gangs of survivors in the zombie-infested world.

Where All Out War saw rival groups of humans occasionally coming to blows as they scavenged for resources and tried to avoid becoming chow for the undead, March to War pits competing factions of survivors directly against each other in a fight to dominate whatever remains of the post-apocalyptic Earth.

Built on the gameplay of All Out War, and once again designed by Mark Latham, March to War introduces a new strategy points system that reflects the influence of each faction’s leader over their followers, allowing teammates to perform special abilities and actions together.

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March to War is described as being a bigger game than All Out War, with more, better-armed survivors and greater hordes of zombies filling its environments. It’s also more directly confrontational, with intense head-to-head gunfights replacing smaller scraps over supplies.

The two-player game sees each player control a group of figures from the comic-book universe; some of the factions confirmed as being in the game include the Atlanta Camp, Woodbury Army, Greene Family, Abraham’s Group, Tyreese’s Group, Prisoners, Marauders, Scavengers and The Hunters, varying from major collectives to smaller groups who have ganged together to survive. Leaders include characters introduced in All Out War, such as Rick Grimes and the Governor.

The undead walkers are controlled by AI, roaming around the map in response to noise and movement, and causing trouble for their still living counterparts as they try to eliminate their opponents. Scenarios can also feature objectives and elements of scavenging for equipment. 

All Out War publisher Mantic has announced that The Walking Dead: March to War – which remains a working title for now – will be released later this year, and is currently playtesting the game, giving All Out War players the chance to try the in-progress rules right now.


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