The Walking Dead: All Out War is getting a £100 Collector’s Edition

26 September 2017
7062.1.1000.1000.FFFFFF.0-54457.jpg The Walking Dead: All Out War: Collector's Edition
Brings together core set, expansions, 3D terrain, play mat and show-exclusive models

The miniatures game based on The Walking Dead, All Out War, is bundling together some of its expansions, accessories and show-exclusive figures in a new Collector’s Edition.

The £100 set includes the contents of the standard £35 core box, plus the models and cards from single-player scenario Prelude to Woodbury, including The Governor and five walkers, and the first equipment booster pack.

It also upgrades the core box’s flat cardboard scenery to 3D plastic terrain, adding in four cars, barricades and supply counters. Completing the environment is a neoprene mat of the Atlanta Suburbs where much of The Walking Dead is set.

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Also in the set is an expansion previously exclusive to shows attended by Mantic in 2017, which contains miniatures of Lee and Clementine, the heroes of the Walking Dead video game spin-off series developed by Telltale Games.

Next year’s show-exclusive booster finishes up the collection, introducing a one-legged variant of Dale, The Governor’s right-hand man Scott Moon and a walker version of protagonist Rick Grimes. The set is said to be otherwise exclusive to Mantic Open Day events in May and November 2018.

The Collector’s Edition of All Out War is due out on September 29th.


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