The Tablebreaker is a £200, 2kg metal d20 that you probably shouldn’t roll

08 June 2017
tablebreaker-73669.png A Tablebreaker, standard d20 and Tablebreaker Mini
Weighs over 400 times more than a standard die

There’s big dice, and then there’s the Tablebreaker.

Up on Kickstarter, the Tablebreaker is a massive d20 made from architectural aluminium that measures in at 11.6cm tall and weighs a hefty 2.2kg. That’s around 438 times the weight of a standard plastic 5g 20-sided die, and nearly six times taller, if you’re curious.

Due to its size, you probably won’t be wanting to roll the Tablebreaker unless you like dented wood or cracked glass (the clue’s in the name).

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Instead, it’s designed as more of a home décor piece, with more stationary uses as a bookend, paperweight or oversized health tracker for games such as Magic better suited to the big ol’ polyhedron. (There’s actually a countdown layout variant available for the latter.)

As you might expect, a big block of metal comes at a cost: the Tablebreaker is $249 (£192), plus $50 (£39) postage to the UK.

Creator Precision Gaming Solutions is also offer a ‘mini’ Tablebreaker, which still comes in at a substantial 7.6cm high and weighs 650g, for $99 (£76) and $15 (£12) shipping.

The campaign will run until July 12th and is currently at just over $3,500 of its £4,500 goal.


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