The Resistance and Coup’s Dystopian Universe expands with roleplaying game Uprising

12 April 2018
067411ec34de5aa41c8a2005ec27ac00_original-03924.jpeg Uprising
Built on modified Fate Core system

The Dystopian Universe shared by social deduction games The Resistance, Coup and One Night Revolution is getting even bigger with a new RPG based in the cyberpunk setting.

Uprising fits snugly into the Dystopian Universe’s cyberpunk world of spies and betrayal, using roleplaying character archetypes based on cards and roles from the series’ other games. The upcoming book includes character playsheets based on the roles, as well as pre-made missions set in the world's Paris Nouveau for those making the leap from the games.

It’s built on a modified version of the Fate Core roleplaying engine, adding a new system for in-character secrets and replacing skills and approaches with a new set of action rules referred to as ‘means’, which include the ability to fight, manipulate, manoeuvre and observe.

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Uprising also introduces the opportunity to prep scenes during downtime by requesting favours, requisitioning equipment and creating advantages, with characters now progressing by achieving character-specific goals rather than milestones, creating more chances for characters to come into conflict in-fitting with the universe’s tense debate-driven drama.

Uprising is currently up on Kickstarter, where it’s more than doubled an initial target of £7,000 with almost three weeks left. An early version of the RPG is available to backers, with a full release planned for this December.

It joins the recently announced Exodus: Paris Nouveau in expanding the Dystopian Universe, with Martin Wallace’s team-based social deduction game yet to get a release date.


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