The next Magic: The Gathering board game will be Heroes of Dominaria

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13 March 2018
tumblr_inline_p1mqfo8Lx61sao0wy_1280-46856.jpg Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game (Not final art)
Conjures up Euro-style mechanics this August

The next board game based on Magic: The Gathering will be something quite different.

Heroes of Dominaria is a Eurogame for two to four people due out this coming August that is set in the titular plane, one of Magic’s biggest multiverse settings and the background for many of the collectible card game’s storylines. It also happens to be the setting of Magic’s latest set of cards, due out in mid-April, marking a return to the setting as part of the game’s 25th anniversary.

In Heroes of Dominaria, players take on the roles of explorers travelling the lands, including well-known locations such as Llanowar, Urborg and Keld.

The heroes draw mana from the environment – in a fashion reminiscent of Magic’s land cards – and hire other adventurers to help them construct sites to draw more mana, uncover artefacts and battle the Cabal, the shadowy organisation from Magic lore driven by a pursuit of fortune.

Being a Euro, it’ll come as little surprise that the ultimate goal is to amass as many victory points as possible.

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Much like its Dungeons & Dragons spin-offs, studio WizKids is putting out two versions of Heroes of Dominaria, a standard edition with standard pawns and a premium box that includes four pre-painted miniatures of Magic characters.

As previously teased last year, WizKids is also putting out a set of Magic: The Gathering miniatures based on token creatures from the card game, with 28 models from across the game’s 25-year run covering angels, soldiers, goblins, zombies, bears, dragons and dinosaurs, plus artefacts. 

The Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm set matches the scale of the publisher’s D&D figures and includes a base matching each creature’s mana colour and displaying its in-game stats for us during matches. The collection will be out in July.


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