The new look Miniature Wargames magazine is here!

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19 October 2016
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The magazine for all Wargamers has a brand new look
The new look Miniature Wargames magazine is here! Images

Welcome to the new look Miniature Wargames, the magazine for ALL Wargamers.

Our latest issue which goes on sale 21st October 2016 features:

  • DREADNOUGHT BATTLEFLEET -Fast play fleet action rules
  • BACK TO BACK The devil’s in the detail with hidden movement
  • CRETE WWII 12 days that nearly didn’t happen
  • BELLI MINIMI Adding elephants, camels and chariots to a simple set of rules
  • A BRAND NEW 16-PAGE SCI-FI AND FANTASY SECTION including an exclusive Frostgrave interview
  • PRACTICAL PAINTING GUIDE Fast paint-jobs on AFV’s
  • and much more!

Plus, we have a fantastic subscription offer that's not to be missed! Get six issues of your favourite wargaming magazine for the fantastic price of £12

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