The long-awaited Infinity roleplaying game is finally out

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17 January 2018
Infinity_Core_Book-25685.jpg Infinity RPG
Spin-off to sci-fi skirmish title due in print in February

After more than two years of delays, the RPG based on sci-fi skirmish game Infinity has arrived.

The Infinity Roleplaying Game hit Kickstarter all the way back in September 2015, raising almost £350,000 for its spin-off to Corvus Belli’s long-running miniatures hit – which itself began as a roleplaying setting.

The RPG was originally slated for release that December, with a print launch due for early 2016, but was beset by a number of delays – as a result of everything from having to rewrite an entire background chapter after it accidentally contradicted the upcoming Infinity storyline to a break-in at publisher Modiphius’ office – that ultimately pushed the game’s release all the way into 2018.

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Driving the game is the same 2d20 system used in Modiphius’ Mutant Chronicles, Conan and John Carter RPGs that relies on players rolling low to rack up successes, with excess successes storing ‘momentum’, which can be used later to further boost their actions.

As well as the core book for the Infinity RPG, which includes the base rules and details on the 12 worlds that make up the Human Sphere setting, a player’s guide for expanding player-created characters and two adventure books – Adventures in the Human Sphere and Quantronic Heat – have been released in PDF editions.

Print editions of the books are scheduled to hit shelves next month, with the remaining volumes funded through the Kickstarter due to make their way out by the end of the year.


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