The Frostgrave Folio brings all of Osprey’s digital supplements to print

11 January 2017
9781472818508-66461.jpg The Frostgrave Folio
Volume also contains original adventure The Ravages of Time

Fantasy miniatures wargame Frostgrave is getting a healthy physical expansion in March, as Osprey collects all of its PDF mini-eBook supplements in a printed volume.

The Frostgrave Folio contains close to two years’ worth of digital additions for the tabletop title written by creator Joseph A. McCullough, including the three-scenario campaign Hunt for the Golem alongside rules expansions for leading warbands, brewing potions and upgrading bases in extras such as Sellsword, Dark Alchemy and Arcane Locations.

There’s also a completely original mini-supplement titled The Ravages of Time.

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The softcover book, illustrated by Dmitry Burmak and Kate Burmak, costs £10 in the UK and will be out on March 23rd.


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