The fantastic digital version of D&D game Lords of Waterdeep has finally come to PC and Android

04 September 2017
ss_facd130b0a011aec8ecd8789423ebc7badb61654.1920x1080-52154.jpg Lords of Waterdeep
Meanwhile, the iOS app gets updated to 64-bit

Lords of Waterdeep isn’t just a fab Dungeons & Dragons game – it’s a great board game in its own right.

Happily, more people now have the chance to try out the hugely fun city-building game set in the Forgotten Realms’ city of splendors as its digital edition has just arrived on PC and Android, as well as being updated to 64-bit on iOS.

Originally launched for iOS a few years back, the new version of Playdek’s top-notch port includes overhauled visuals and some other tweaks such as in-game chat, but remains largely unchanged.

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However, one alteration that might raise eyebrows among those playing on phones and tablets is that the mobile app can now only be played in a landscape orientation, with the former portrait mode removed. Playdek said the move was due to the rush to release the updated 64-bit iPhone and iPad version before Apple launches iOS 11 – which will remove support for any apps not built on the architecture – suggesting that the option may be added back in sometime in the future.

Lords of Waterdeep’s digital version includes support for both human and AI players, with asynchronous or real-time cross-platform online play (though you’ll have to sign up for a Playdek account). The game plays up to five normally, but six players can play if the Undermountain or Scoundrels of Skullport expansions have been bought.

To celebrate the update and new releases, Lords of Waterdeep is on sale – it’s currently £7.69 on PC via Steam, £4.59 on Android and £4.99 on iOS.


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