The designers of Warhammer Quest and Street Masters are making a co-op superhero board game

20 September 2019
hour-of-need-30176.jpg Hour of Need
Hour of Need built on Sadler brothers' Modular Deck System

The Sadler brothers, co-designers of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, Heroes of Terrinoth and The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary, are working on a superhero board game.

Hour of Need is a co-operative game based on Adam and Brady Sadler’s ‘Modular Deck System’, which powered the designer duo’s tactical brawler Street Masters and crime-action game Brook City, as well as the upcoming dungeon-crawling HeroQuest homage Altar Quest and video game adaptation Contra.

The game’s superhero-filled universe is described as being inspired by modern comic books, but is otherwise completely original. The first snippets of lore about the world mention multiple realities joined by an inter-dimensional zone called the Astrallacy. The setting is referred to in the announcement as the “MDS Comics world”, suggesting that future games in the same universe might be on the way if Hour of Need is a hit.

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In classic superhero form, up to four players control superpowered goodies working to stop the evil plots of villains out for money and power. Like the other Modular Deck System games, each hero has a modular deck of cards that players use to perform actions, while scenarios are created using a combination of villain and event cards in modular decks.

Hour of Need will see a Kickstarter campaign launch on November 5th. Expansions for the game have already been confirmed, including support for up to six players. The game will also include miniatures.

Putting out the game is publisher Blacklist Games, which previously published the Sadlers’ Street Masters and Brook City, and will release Altar Quest and Contra in 2020. Hour of Need is yet to have a release date confirmed.


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