The delightfully silly Happy Salmon keeps the party going with dancing sequel Funky Chicken

06 April 2018
pic3984318-70582.jpg Funky Chicken
Swaps high-fives and fist-bumps for dancing

Happy Salmon is one of the most purely joyful games to find its way into our collection in years. It seems that we’re not the only ones to have fallen in love with the hectic card-matching party hit, as an equally delightful follow-up has been revealed. And this time, it’s getting funky.

Funky Chicken takes the simple setup of Happy Salmon – players flip over cards from their personal deck of 12, try to match with another person and discard the card if they both perform the action – but replaces the game’s high-fiving, position-switching, fist-bumping and happy-salmoning with dance moves.

That’s right: you should be dancing, yeah. Whether you’re bumping, swinging, spinning or, er, doing the funky chicken – hopping between your legs, making wings with your arms, obviously. Match with someone else doing the same move and you can both chuck your cards. First person to run out, wins.

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Best of all, Funky Chicken comes in a pouch shaped like a chicken wearing sunglasses. Plus, it can be mixed with Happy Salmon’s decks for a sweat-inducing workout.

Funky Chicken plans to hit the dancefloor in the US later this month, with a UK release hopefully due to follow sometime soon. And, heck, why not put your own spin on the signature move?


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