The Castles of Burgundy expands into the digital realm next year

05 July 2018
343802-cb964ee344c74cfdae28dd13e249a081-65651.jpeg The Castles of Burgundy
Terra Mystica, Agricola and Isle of Skye studio Digidiced behind app

Stefan Feld’s dice-rolling, tile-placing masterpiece The Castles of Burgundy is preparing to settle itself in the digital world.

An app based on the 2011 Spiel des Jahres Recommended hit has been confirmed to be in development by Digidiced, the studio responsible for the very-good-indeed ports of modern classics such as Agricola, Patchwork, Terra Mystica, Le Havre and Cottage Garden.

The developer is also working on a PC and mobile version of Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Isle of Skye, which is due out this year.

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All we know about The Castles of Burgundy’s digital adaptation is that it’s planned for a launch sometime next year, with Digidiced remaining tight-lipped for now on any digitally-enhanced features that the game might include.

No platforms have been announced, but it seems likely that Digidiced will bring the app to PC, iOS and Android as with its past releases.


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