The Captain is Dead basically lets you play through the end of every Star Trek episode

09 May 2017
pic3279087_lg-98820.jpg The Captain is Dead
Co-op game out later this month after 2014 Kickstarter

Ever find yourself returning to a beloved sci-fi TV show, only to feel a bit bored by the story bits you already know and skipping through to the cool space battle at the end? The Captain is Dead is the game for you.

The co-op title pitches itself as offering the tabletop equivalent of the last 10 minutes of “your favourite sci-fi show” – so we’re essentially talking Star Trek, Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.

As the name suggests, the captain of the ship has perished in a fight with attacking aliens, so it’s up to the remainder of the crew to work together and survive.

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Seven people can take on the roles of 18 characters with different skills, from the chief engineer (Irish accent not required) down to the ship’s janitor. Who will, erm, keep things clean, we guess.

Players rush to get the ship’s engines back online while repairing systems and fighting back against the onslaught, moving around the vessel to man various stations.

The Captain is Dead originally made $114,000 on Kickstarter back in 2014, and is due to hit shelves later this month with a new look and improved designs.

The box contains the first ‘episode’ of the game, which was followed by two further instalments – whether these receive a similar revamping depends on how popular the wide release turns out to be.


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