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24 February 2022
Geeknson, is a UK based, family-run business that is focused on manufacturing a wide range of furniture made of the highest quality hardwood designed for Geeks.

Geeknson's masterfully crafted and well designed yet still accessible tables set them apart from their competitors in the gaming tables market. Now they are back with the new table coming to Kickstarter next month.

They have thus far had two successful KS campaigns with their Megan table series. Followed by even greater success with their Bristol table campaign, which we previously covered.

They now bring you The Archie.

In The Archie, all of that legacy and experience has been combined to create a brand new design, which redefines what a modular board game table means. 

Geeknson is widely known for the quality of their products.
You can really feel the difference between real hardwood and its substitutes. The feel, the sound, and the heft are impossible to replicate and all add up to the pleasure of sitting at an Oak table.

The Vault

The vault is a lowered playing area. It’s hard to describe the immense impact that this seemingly small change has on your gaming. All of a sudden your gaming world is on a completely different level allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Archie’s vault is truly impressive with its 8.5cm of storage space that allow you to store minis standing upright with ease.

How is Archie Different?


Thanks to the magnets installed on the back of each of the PRO Gaming Boxes, they can be snuggly and securely fitted to the metal strip that forms part of Archies very narrow and slim table frame. This and the fact they are made from real hardwood, gives them a nice heft and prevents the boxes from accidentally dislodging from the frame.

The modular PRO Gaming Boxes give you space for game components storage during or in between games. However, that is not the only trick they have up their sleeve!

The card rail on each of the PRO Gaming Box’s two longer edges allows you to free your hand of cards while still being able to see their content.

Each of the PRO Gaming Boxes is covered by its own PRO Gaming Tile, which provides further functionality thanks to the different shapes and sizes of their recesses.

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Both can be moved around and used interchangeably to create a perfect playing surface for any particular game and rearranged again for another game! With dozens of possible PRO Gaming Tiles the combinations are truly endless!

You can move the PRO Gaming Boxes around according to your needs, or remove them entirely if you have to fit in a particularly large game inside the vault. They give you unprecedented freedom in terms of your game setup!


If you ever run out of space inside the playing vault due to the truly epic scale of the game you are playing you can always expand your game outside the boundaries of the table! Thanks to the external accessory rail.

Up until now, the wooden accessory rail was reserved for our high end custom made tables available for purchase only through our online store. With Archie, for the very first time they are introducing this system to Kickstarter backers!

Make sure to get notified once it's launched!

You simply have to check it out!

We are certain that Archie will quickly become the cornerstone of your board gaming hobby and your home. Not only does it make your gaming experience reach entirely new levels but also makes it easier to actually get the game rolling! Pun intended ;)

Watch it in action here!

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