Terraforming Mars’ first expansion will explore Hellas & Elysium

16 January 2017
HellasElysium_BOXFRONT_2_170110b-84920.jpg Hellas & Elysium
New double-sided game board will depict opposite side of the Red Planet

Terraforming Mars, Fryx Games’ weighty sci-fi economic strategy title that released to fervent critical acclaim, is to explore the other side of the Red Planet in its first major expansion.

Elysium & Hellas is named for two of the quadrangles used to chart the planet, respectively featuring the Solar System’s highest peak, Olympus Mons, and largest visible impact crater, Hellas.

Elysium’s landscape consists of a mix of expansive lowlands created by former oceans and the parched mineral-saturated soil of its southern regions.

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Meanwhile, Hellas covers Mars’ south pole and the Hellas crater.

The environments are featured on a new double-sided game board, accompanied by new milestones and awards, from racing to place tiles in the south or control hexes next to water.

Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium will be released this summer. A price is yet to be confirmed.


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