Teburu Join Forces with Ares Games for Sword & Sorcery on Teburu

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02 March 2022
Remember to charge your USB swords and bluetooth-pair your sorceries

Teburu, the tabletop gaming platform that integrates digital and traditional gaming in one slick system, has announced a partnership with Italian miniatures titans, Ares Games.

Ares Games, the creators of Sword & Sorcery, has committed to creating a new outing for the series for the Teburu line. Sword & Sorcery, a classic dungeon crawler offers a good fit for the Teburu system – which focuses on miniatures heavy games and app-enabled play.

“Expanding the S&S range with a Teburu-based ‘phygital’ version is a great opportunity to simplify the game experience and make Sword & Sorcery easier to learn and faster to play, while enhancing further the key strengths of Sword & Sorcery's deep combat system and sophisticated AI,” says Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games in a press release.

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Much like the recent Descent: Legends of the Dark, Teburu games often take out a lot of the fiddly “work out what the enemy should do” AI admin, and instead bring a smooth and engaged process to games.

Xplored, the creators of Teburu recently announced their first Kickstarter for the system – The Bad Karmas and the Cure of the Zodiacs. The crowdfunding campaign goes live on March 15th, and you can follow along here.

The news of the Ares Games partnership and collaboration follows on from news earlier this month that there would be a World of Darkness for the digitals-meets-analogue games system.


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