Tales from the Loop’s first expansion adds adventures inspired by video nasties and ‘80s mixtapes

13 December 2017
Our_Friends_the_Machines_Other_Mysteries-62657.jpg Tales from the Loop: Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries
Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries also introduces the Norfolks Broads as a setting

The first campaign book for sci-fi adventure RPG Tales from the Loop is out, and dives even deeper into the ‘80s inspirations of the original game.

Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries includes three main storylines that slot neatly into the Stranger Things and Spielbergian feel of the core rulebook.

The first, Our Friends the Machines, involves a weird take on a Toy Story or Small Soldiers-esque tale of action figures gaining artificial intelligence.

Horror Movie Mayhem looks instead to the banned video nasties and moral panic of the decade, taking place in and around a video store. (Remember those?)

Lastly is The Mummy in the Mist, a story that has us thinking of Scooby-Doo with its mention of a monster roaming the shores of a lake.

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As well as the four big mysteries, there’s mention of a series of eight shorter adventures inspired by classic ‘80s pop songs, in the form of a mixtape. (Remember those!?)

In addition to the stories, there’s the background and plot hooks for four extra machines in the universe.

Perhaps most excitingly for us Brits, though, is the introduction of a brand new setting for the game – in the UK’s own Norfolk Broads!

The national park is technically part of a complete guide to creating custom settings for the game, so anywhere you think of can now be brought into Tales from the Loop, but you can bet we’ll be exploring the countryside as soon as we can.

Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries is already out in both digital and print editions, and costs £25.


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