S2E17: 2021 Begins! Chris and Charlie talk Zoom Games, Solo RPGs, and Games They've Been Playing

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18 January 2021
What's in store for 2021?

Recording this on the "first day back at school" (returning to work after the Christmas break), which quickly became the last day of school (as Lockdown 3.0 began), we chatted about games we've been playing recently, the way we've been playing them, and what we're going to do next. 

For Charlie, this meant playing Pitchstorm over Zoom, and wondering how well it worked, and for Chris, this was playing Wavelength, where we chat about Zoom fatigue and trying virtual tabletops. That's not to say it's not doable - Charlie hasn't stopped talking about playing her weekly D&D game since she started, and how well this works online!

For a wholly different way to play games online, had you thought about playing a game over Twitter? We discussed an article from Miniature Wargames about the turn-based method and benefits to playing a turn-based wargame online, which they added phenomenal drama to, with photographs, flyovers, and more, and consider how this ran similarities to an RPG. 

We also discussed solo RPGs, as Chris has been playing The Wretched, where you'll record your experiences as voice notes, creating yourself a memory of what happened. Plus, more solo games that offer us that little bit more, including Thousand Year Old Vampire, Electric Bastionland, Ironsworn, Disciples of Shadow and Bone (and it is said this way around!) and Artefact. 

Finally, we chat about the intricacies of Where's Wally turned detective game MicroMacro: Crime City, the release of Wingspan on Switch, and the news about Slay the Spire.

There's plenty packed into this episode, so pop your headphones on and get listening – enjoy!


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