Tabletop Gaming & Miniature Wargames: Business as Usual

01 April 2020
Your favourite analogue gaming magazine still in print, digital and online

Tabletop Gaming and Miniature Wargames will be continuing to publish as normal, despite the current coronavirus issues effecting many media outlets, shops and newsagents.


In these extremely weird times we would like to attempt to be a reliable bit of normality and stability. You’ll still be able to get the magazine in print, and if your newsagent is closed (or, very reasonably, you don’t want to visit a news agent) then you can buy a copy directly through us.



We have actually sold out of print editions of our very popular issues 40 and 41, but you can pick up a digital edition right here, or issue 40, here.


Want to guarantee you’ll get a copy (with a special subscriber cover) through your door each month? You know what to do, subscribe:


Additionally, as we know not everyone is a subscriber, there might be some gaps in your collections. To help you along with this our usual publishing schedules, we’re offering a back issue sale.  You can pick up back issues for a mere £3.33 each, which is three issues for less than a tenner.


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And for those looking for the definitive guide to what to play, the Best Games of 2019 is the place to start. You could do a lot worse than knowing exactly what games to add to your “to be played” pile


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Hi, @Kevin Thank you for your comment. We have contacted you directly about this

Posted by Luke Hider on Wed 15 Apr 11:14:42

Hi, I am a subscriber from Belgium and still haven't received issue 41

Posted by Kevin Van Brabandt on Mon 13 Apr 06:24:57