Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast – S2E30: Bloodborne: The Board Game with Alex Sonechkina

06 July 2021
All things Bloodborne

It's Bloodborne: The Board Game time as we bring you this special edition of the podcast with Chris Eggett and Alex Sonechkina.

So grab this issue's painting guide (you can pick that up here!), which is all about the beasties and heroes of Yharnam, as we trickle something like an absolute fan-cast into your ears. We also get a bit confused about Bloodborne/Dark Souls lore, which shows you that, at very least, we've played the games more than we've been on the wiki.

We discuss what a triumph the game is, despite our own attempts to complicate the rules, a few war stories from our games, and then go on to talk about a few of Alex’s recent reviews.

You can check out our review of Bloodborne: The Board Game by checking here, and click here to listen in to this podcast (or any of the below links).


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