Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast – S2E25: Voidfall with David Turczi and Nigel Buckle

11 May 2021
You may have seen it on the BGG hotlist, now is your chance to find out more...

We talk about the newly announced Voidfall with David Turczi and Nigel Buckle. We talk about how the game works, what all those Xs mean in 4X, and how to do war in the Euro way. Voidfall is a space 4x Eurogame to be Kickstarted and published by Mindclash, previously known for Anachrony and Trickerion.

This was originally recorded as an interview for a written piece, so doesn't have the usual podcast performance aspect. Instead we get a deep dive into how these two incredible designers approach making games – it's a real peek behind the curtains of how they think about games.

David Turczi is best known for Anachrony, Tekhenu and Kitchen Rush – plus solo modes on what feels like most board games published today. Nigel Buckle is probably best known for his newly released Imperium: Classics and Legends with Osprey, and his previous space outing – Omega Centauri. Voidfall is a kind of spiritual continuation of some of the ideas in Omega Centauri.

You can listen to that podcast online by clicking here!

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