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25 January 2017
08ttgIssue8_web-99527.jpg TTG Issue 8
Featuring Evil Dead 2, Mechs vs Minions, My Little Pony RPG, SeaFall, Scythe, Arkham Horror TCG, Star Wars: Destiny, more RPG coverage and an EXCLUSIVE board game

It feels like it was only last month that we were getting excited about issue 7 of Tabletop Gaming… oh, wait! It was!

As we step up to being a bi-monthly magazine, we’re very happy to announce that the next issue of Tabletop Gaming is now just ONE WEEK away – and you can pre-order your copy or subscribe right now!

As if you couldn’t contain your excitement enough (we certainly can’t – and we’ve been looking at the contents for weeks!), it’s another fantastic issue with some of our best exclusive features, interviews and reviews yet.

Our big cover feature – and what a glorious cover it is – is our exclusive chat with designer Taylor Smith and Space Goat Productions as they prepare to launch the official board game of legendary cult horror flick Evil Dead 2. It’s their very first game – but certainly not their last, so we also take the opportunity to chat about the newfound publisher’s next big projects.

We also talk to the founder of British outlet River Horse following the release of its adaptation of the David Bowie movie Labyrinth last year. The publisher isn’t waiting around to release its next big game, heading into Equestria with its ambitious My Little Pony RPG and already working on a spin-off of hit film franchise The Hunger Games this year.

In the next instalment in our every-popular Making Of series, we speak to League of Legends developer Riot Games and designer Chris Cantrell to see how they transformed the world’s most popular video game into instant tabletop classic Mechs vs Minions.

There’s also a lot more RPG talk, including our regular roundup of the upcoming releases you should be paying attention to in 2017 and an in-depth exploration of Lovecraftian Call of Cthulhu descendant Delta Green with its creator. Towards the back of the mag we’ve kicked off a brand new column, offering advice on how to build your ideal roleplaying world.

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Plus, we take a good, long look at the role of diversity in some of the top board games around and examine why allowing anyone and everyone to identify with characters in a tabletop universe matters.

We’ve also got the latest and greatest games played and reviewed, including SeaFall, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Scythe, Blood Bowl 2016, Conan, Star Wars: Destiny and Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the exclusive designer reviews you’ve come to expect, including chats with Reiner Knizia, Ted Alspach, Mike Elliott, Max Temkin, Rob Daviau, Eric Lang and Spyfall creator Alexandr Ushan, to name but a handful. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention that there is an EXCLUSIVE BOARD GAME published right inside the magazine itself? Designed by the creator of Frostgrave, Barbarian Hack is a pithy dice-rolling time-filler that only requires some dice and tokens (just use coins!) to play, because the board is printed in full in February’s issue – for free!

You can order your copy of Tabletop Gaming Issue 8 online here, or why not pick up a subscription and get the best games news, features, interviews, reviews and more delivered right to your door every other month?


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